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“Sport” Restaurant – Njivice

Restaurant – “Sport” Restaurant – Njivice

We are located in the coastal part of Njivice, near Camp “Njivice” and between the hotels “Beli Kamik” and “Jadran”. We are surrounded with mini-golf terrains and many other sport and fun sites. You should have no problem in locating us – just follow the wonderful smell of the delicious grill!

Come and indulge yourself with gourmet dishes traditionally prepared on a charcoal GRILL.. Our cooks prepare all of our dishes right in front of the customers, thus introducing traditional Croatian cooking so you can see and smell every ingredient and none of them will leave you disinterested.

DSC05395We take pride in using fresh quality groceries, coming from the local fishermen and other local suppliers, and our reasonable prices will enable you to freely enjoy the fresh Mediterranean fish as well as fresh meat, from our local butcher’s shop held by Petar Vulkelić!

Our seafood is traditionally prepared in the simplest way; enjoy healthy meals from oily fish such as the local sardines (srdele) and grilled mackerel, tuna steaks, white bass fish or always popular grilled or fried calamari.

A good GRILL calls for a good beer or better, the most popular Croatian beer – Ožujsko; for wine lovers we are proud to present the finest Croatian wines (rifuso). House’s best wine is, off course “Zlatna vrbnička žlahtina”, the pride of the island of Krk and Croatia as well. We have also got the delicious Istrian (red) “Cabernet Sauvignon” and the refreshing Slavonian yellow and golden Graševina. You can enjoy all of these quality wines completely and without fear of a headache 🙂 and for only HRK 70,00 a litre!

Come and see for yourself! The sounds of the sea, the smell of summer and the tastes of homemade grill specialities in a forestry shade are surely the recipe for complete relaxation!

Check out our Menu and choose your favourite combination!

OPEN: 9.00-00.00 AM

With us, you can enjoy good foods even during the warmest of the summer days because the food is being served on a pleasant terrace, under the thick shade of the oak crowns, a place unique in Njivice and wider! The “Sport” grill terrace includes a free Wi-Fi access (FREE WI-FI HOTSPOT).

Welcome, we are expecting you at: Primorska cesta b.b., 51512, Njivice, Hrvatska


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